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About Us

The QUESTOR Centre is a global environmental research network founded by Queens's University Belfast.

Established in 1989, QUESTOR is the only Centre outside the US to be included in the National Science Foundation's Programme for Industry/University Cooperative Research Centres.

Collaboration is central to the work of QUESTOR and the high profile research and development that takes place at the facility has encouraged academic partners in Europe, the US, Canada and China to join the network.

QUESTOR is dedicated to the transfer of technology and knowledge to an Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) made up of member companies and organisations located in Europe, the US and China. The IAB selects, monitors and directs all of QUESTOR's research projects.

Through international collaboration, QUESTOR has accessed significant research funds and averages £1.5M leveraged funding per year.

Contact Information

The Questor Centre
David Keir Building
Stranmillis Road
Belfast BT9 5AG

Tel +4428 9097 5577
Fax +4428 9066 1462
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