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Centre for Advanced Sustainable Energy

Centre for Advanced Sustainable Energy (CASE)

  • £10M Centre for industry driven research
  • Aligns renewable energy expertise at QUB / UU / AFBI with the research needs of participating companies
  • Potential £5M funding over 5 years from Invest NI (subject to Business Plan approval)
  • Additional leveraged funding
  • Up to 75% funding for collaborative research projects
  • Will fund research projects only


Research Clusters


Research will principally focus on wind (on and offshore), wave and tidal turbines with work required right through a development project lifecycle from feasibility stage to decommissioning. Some emphasis will also be paid to gas turbines and micro-generation. Turbines will contribute the most significant proportion of NI’s renewable energy target.

Wave Energy Device (courtesy of QUB EERC)

     Wave Energy Device (courtesy of QUB EERC)  

Integration and Storage

Grid upgrade and innovation (eg. SMART Grid) is required to prepare for the integration of a wide range of renewable energy solutions across Northern Ireland. Energy storage solutions are also necessary to enable electricity to be used when it is most needed. “The maximum demand in the Province is around 1,800MW, but on a summer night it is 600MW. If it is a windy summer night, there could be 1,500 – 1,600MW of wind that cannot be used as there is nowhere for it to go” DETI Barriers report, quoting NIE.

Energy Efficiency

Our work involves identifying research opportunities to maximise the benefits from efficiency in energy generation, buildings and construction, transport and manufacturing. Carbon Trust estimates that 20% savings can be made from simple energy efficiency measures.


Energy from Biomass

Energy from biomass falls into three distinct categories – solid biomass to energy via thermal routes (high quality fuels), anaerobic digestion (wastes, manures and energy crops) and biogas.


 Why participate?

  • Access to world class R&D facilities and researchers
  • Drive the research agenda
  • Influence government policy & strategy
  • At least £1m research funding per annum
  • Technology transfer & commercial exploitation
  • Research networking & results dissemination
  • New market opportunities
  • Potential R&D tax relief
  • Tap in to the development of 1400MW of renewable energy to help NI meet 40% targets by 2020




Contact Details

Centre for Advanced Sustainable Energy

David Keir Building
Stranmillis Road
Belfast, BT9 5AG

Tel: +44(0)28 9097 5577
Fax: +44(0)28 9066 1462


    AFBI Ship ‘Corystes’   

AFBI Ship ‘Corystes’


Contact Information

The Questor Centre
David Keir Building
Stranmillis Road
Belfast BT9 5AG

Tel +4428 9097 5577
Fax +4428 9066 1462


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