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Current Project Case Studies

QUESTOR Project case studies:

QUESTOR Project CRA1/09/12- Robert Ferguson: Influence of microbial community diversity and stability on methane production in Anaerobic Digestion.
QUESTOR Project DCU/QUB2/09/11- Brian Murphy: Use of molecular biology, solid state NMR and stable isotope tracer studies to track the fate of contaminants in the environment, waste treatment systems and other applications that depend on microbial consortia.
QUESTOR Project DCU7/08/12- Lisa McAleer: Aqueous-phase steam reforming of biomass derived oxygenated hydrocarbons for the production of hydrogen – direct application of suspended nanoparticle catalyst and innovation in integrated reactor system for combined reaction and simultaneous gas separation.
QUESTOR Project DCU5/08/11- Imogene Blignaut: Detection of petroleum leaks in pipelines in real time.
QUESTOR Project DCU7/08/12- Ross O’ Dwyer: Development of novel adsorbents for the removal of high priority organic pollutants from water and wastewater using photocatalysis.
QUESTOR Project DCU4/08/11- Nora Engels: Novel techniques for pesticide removal and degradation from drinking water: A Comparative Study.
QUESTOR Project QUB24/10/13- Ryan Hill: Green ozone technology for water and wastewater treatment– An energy efficient, cost-effective and sustainable solution.
QUESTOR Project QUB 20/08/11- Yousef Salameh: Arsenic removal from water using dolomites and modified dolomites.

ATWRAM Project case studies:

ATWARM Project 2.1- Svetlana Gasanova: Non-thermal plasmas created by corona-like discharges for eliminating recalcitrant organic contaminants.
ATWARM Project 2.4- Calrlo Pozza: Nutrient removal in wastewater using algae & fibre optics as a source of light.
ATWARM Project 2.5- Giacomo Bertini: Priority substances in activated sludge: incidence, accumulation, source tracking emitter identification & prevention strategies.
ATWARM Project 2.6- Francesco Ometto: Integrated process for biogas production from algal biomass.
ATWARM Project 2.7- Yolanda Aguilera: Delivering low carbon anaerobic wastewater treatment and renewable energy production.
ATWARM Project 2.8- Beatrice Smyth: Design and Introduction of a Carbon Management System to Northern Ireland Water.
ATWARM Project 3.2- Alessandra Frau: Development of rapid technologies for the assessment of biodegradation potential in contaminated groundwater using gene array technologies.
ATWARM Project 3.4- Yoann Glocheux: Arsenic removal from water using dolomites and modified dolomites.
ATWARM Project 3.5- Ciprian Briciu-Burghina: Long-term deployment of a faecal matter sensor in a marine and freshwater environment.
ATWARM Project 3.6- Cecilia Fenech: Assessment & usefulness of integrating stable isotope data and data on pharmaceuticals to disentangle point & diffuse sources of pollution.
ATWARM Project 3.8- Monika Czugala: Next generation autonomous analytical platforms for remote environmental monitoring. Project 2: Generation of fully functioning biomimetic analytical platforms for Water Quality.

Technology Transfer case studies:

EU Collaborative Projects- Aim: To raise the profile of QUESTOR through collaborations with research organisations and the private sector in Europe.
Invest NI funded Proof of Concept Project- Simon Murray: Biosettler- Improved wastewater treatment performance using inclined plates settling and membrane aerated biofilms.
QUESTOR Demonstration Projects- Ciarán Prunty: SLUDGEGUARD- Detection and monitoring of Microthrix parvicella.
QUESTOR Demonstration Projects- Julie-Anne Hanna: Industrial treatments using dolomite and dolomitic sorbents- Dolomite – An economic alternative to activated carbon.

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