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Pre-proposals 2002

QUESTOR Pre-proposals (November 2002)

A list of all the reports and summaries from November 2002 can be found here.

(Click on the pre-proposal number to view the pre-proposal or on 'report' to view the report)

PP1 Chelating Polyelectrolytes for Improved Removal of Metal Oxo Contaminants Dr. G.C. Saunders. Report

PP2 Membrane filtration of wastewater – make it work with better efficiency and economics Dr. Q. Gan, Dr. B. Sen Gupta. Report

PP3 Silicone Polymers Bearing Chelating Groups for Improved Removal of Heavy Metal Contaminants Dr. G.C. Saunders. Report

PP4 The application of epoxide hydrolase enzymes for the biotechnological production of chiral compounds Dr. J. McGrath, Prof. D. Boyd, Dr. J. Quinn. Report

PP5 Sludge minimization – investigation of a novel approach Dr. J. McGrath, Dr. J. Quinn. Report

PP6 The production of microbial biopolymers from waste substrates Dr. J. McGrath, Dr. J. Quinn. Report

PP7 Efficacy of biotransformants of benzimidazole anthelmintics Dr. A. Trudgett, I. Fairweather, E. Hoey, G. Brennan, N. McFerran. Report

PP8 Processing of Spent Mushroom Compost Ash to Manufacture Environmentally Friendly Construction Materials Prof. P.A.M. Basheer. Report

PP9 Nutrient Biodegradation in Sequential Batch Reactors Dr. M. Khraisheh, Dr. G. Walker, Dr. M. Ahmad. Report

PP10 Development and application of molecular modelling techniques for the widescale screening of dolomite in environmental applications Dr. D.A. Mooney, Dr. G. Walker, Prof. S. Allen. Report

PP11 Modelling vapour transfer processes from soil and groundwater to indoor air Mr. John Stewart, Mr. Z. Ren. Report

PP12 Forecasting Noise Exposure in a Process Plant Dr. B. Sen Gupta, Prof. S.J. Allen. Report

PP13 Waste Minimisation of High Nitrogen and Phosphorous Industrial Effluents Dr. C.R. Holland, Dr. G. Walker, Dr. M. Khraisheh, Dr. M. Ahmad. Report

PP14 Metal-organic Frameworks (MOFs) for Clean Fuel Storage Dr. S. James, Dr. F. Meunier, Dr. D. Rooney. Report

PP15 Combined heavy metal remediation in wastewaters by bioflocculation and novel polyelectrolytes Dr. A.S. Thompson, Dr. C.C.R. Allen, Dr. M.J. Larkin, Dr. S. Patrick, Dr. G. Saunders. Report

PP16 Monitoring microbial degradation of Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (LNAPLs) using combined time-lapse geophysical imaging and in-situ geochemical sampling Dr. B. Kulessa, Dr. T. Elliot, Prof. R. Kalin. Report

PP17 Application of thermophilic bacteria to waste treatment systems Dr. C.C.R. Allen, Dr. D. Fairley, Dr. L. Kulakov, Dr. M.J. Larkin, Dr. A.S. Thompson. Report

PP18 Study of Microbial Contamination of Industrial Water Dr. L.A. Kulakov, Dr. M.J. Larkin, Dr. C.C.R. Allen, Dr. D. Fairley. Report

PP19 Removal of inorganic contaminants from industrial effluents under extreme conditions Dr. D.J. Fairley, Dr. C.C.R. Allen, Dr. L. Kulakov, Dr. M.J. Larkin. Report

PP20 Approaches Towards Sustainable Feedstocks for the Fine Chemicals Industry Dr. G.N. Sheldrake. Report

PP21 The high throughput selection of microbial strains for the biodegradation of compounds associated with newly developed gasoline and diesel formulations Dr. M.J. Larkin, Dr. D. Fairley, Dr. L. Kulakov, Dr. C. Allen and Prof. R. Kalin. Report PP22 Fluorescent Nitrate Sensors Dr. N.C. Fletcher. Report

PP23 Solventless Hydrogen Peroxide Generation (Confidential) Dr. A.P. Doherty, Dr. D. Rooney

PP24 Reduction of Cr (VI) from wastewater using a novel bioreactor Dr. M. Khraisheh, Mr. Joel Ferguson. Report

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