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Pre-proposals 2003

QUESTOR Pre-proposals (November 2003)

A list of all the reports and summaries from November 2003 can be found here.

(Click on the pre-proposal number to view the pre-proposal or on 'report' to view the report)

PP1 Recovery and recycling of phosphorus from the activated sludge produced by a novel process for P-removal from wastewater, Dr. J. McGrath, Dr. J. Quinn. Report

PP2 Chelating Polyelectrolytes for Improved Removal of Metal Oxo Contaminants, Dr. G.C. Saunders. Report

PP3 Solid Waste: Resource or Rubbish: Ethanol Production, Dr. M.N. Ahmad, Dr. G. Walker, Dr. M. Khraisheh. Report

PP4 Forecasting Noise Level in a Process Plant, Dr. B. Sen Gupta, Prof. S.J. Allen, Mr. J.R. Stewart. Report

PP5 Unsaturated Zone Natural and Enhanced Attenuation of Hydrocarbons and MTBE, Prof. R. Kalin, Dr. T. Elliot. Report

PP6 The Design of Fluorescent Tools for Monitoring Nitrate and Phosphate Contamination in Aqueous Solution, Dr. N.C. Fletcher. Report

PP7 Filling the Energy Gap: Mapping the Perceptions of the Key Thinkers, Prof. N. Sheehy, Prof. R. Kalin. Report

PP8 Modelling and enhancing risk perceptions and behaviours within large ‘safety conscious’ organizations, Prof. N. Sheehy. Report

PP9 ‘Eng-genes’ based modelling and prediction of pollutant emissions from industrial combustion systems for environment monitoring and for system operation and control, Dr. K. Li. Report

PP10 Realising the potential of oxygenase biotransformation processes in the QUESTOR Centre, Dr. C. Allen, Prof. D. Boyd, Dr. M. Larkin. Report

PP11 Monitoring of contaminants in groundwater and landfill leachates using novel advanced fibre optic sensors, Prof. P.A.M. Basheer, Dr. T. Elliot (QUB) and Prof. K.T.V. Grattan, Dr. T. Sun (City Univ. London). Report

PP12 The biodegradation of volatile pollutants in the unsaturated zones of contaminated soils, Dr. M.J. Larkin, Dr. T. Elliot, Prof. R. Kalin. Report

PP13 Developing gene probe technology for environmental monitoring applications – Detecting MTBE degraders during monitored natural attenuation, Dr. M.J. Larkin, Dr. D. Fairley. Report

PP14 Groundwater contaminant migration under conditions of sorption non-linearity, Dr. J.D. McKinley. Report

PP15 Redox Active Ionic Liquids as High Density Energy Storage Media, Dr. A.P. Doherty.. Report

PP16 Development of Guidance Notes for Incorporating Geophysical Information Into Risk-Based Strategies for Hazardous Site Remediation, Dr. B. Kulessa. Report


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