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Pre-proposals 2006

QUESTOR Pre-proposals (November 2006)

A list of all the reports and summaries from November 2006 can be found here.

(Click on the pre-proposal number to view the pre-proposal or on 'report' to view the report)

PP1 Arsenic removal from water using dolomites and modified dolomites; Prof. Stephen Allen, Dr. Gavin Walker

PP2 Dolomite based constructed wetland system for the remediation of contaminated water; Prof. Stephen Allen, Dr. Gavin Walker

PP3 Aqueous-phase steam reforming of biomass derived oxygenated hydrocarbons for the production of hydrogen - direct application of suspended nanoparticle catalyst and innovation in integrated reactor system for combined reaction and simultaneous gas separation; Dr. Quan Gan, Dr. Mohammad Ahmad, Dr. John Breen, Dr. Fred Meunier

PP4 Application of indigenous bacterial viruses for sewage water treatment; Dr. Leonid Kulakov, Dr. Chris Allen, Prof. Mike Larkin. Report

PP5 Reverse dispersion modelling for estimation of odour emission rates; Mr. John Stewart, Dr. Zhengen Ren. Report

PP6 The use of polarised light in the detection of heavy metals; Dr. Nick Fletcher. Report

PP7 Fluorescent phosphate and arsenate sensors; Dr. Nick Fletcher. Report

PP8 Minimization of biomass production in wastewater treatment; Dr. John McGrath, Dr. John Quinn. Report

PP9 Determining statistical methods for cost effective sampling strategies for the investigation and remediation of land contamination; Dr. Kang Li, Dr. Adetutu Ogle. Report

PP10 Innovative technologies for biofuel production from wooden solid waste; Dr. Mohammad Ahmad, Dr. Gavin Walker, Dr. David Rooney. Report

PP11 Exploiting the potential of biological reduction in waste and water treatment processes; Dr. Chris Allen, Prof. Mike Larkin, Dr. Leonid Kulakov. Report

PP12 Accelerating remediation of pollutants such as chlorinated pesticides, MTBE, TCE, DCP and BTEX compounds by rational manipulation of environmental conditions; Dr. John Hallsworth, Dr. John Quinn. Report

PP13 Communicating the benefits associated with bio-environmental technologies; Dr. Gary McKeown, Dr. Judith Wylie, Dr. Chris Allen. Report

PP14 Biodegradability and aquatic toxicity of ionic liquids; Dr. Nick Gathergood, Dr. Teresa Garcia, Dr. Brid Quilty

PP15 Novel anti-fouling strategies based on materials doped with nanoparticles for use in environmental monitoring technologies; Dr. Fiona Regan. Report

PP16 New materials for carbon monoxide sensing devices; Dr. Mary Pryce

PP17 Assessment of pharmaceutical residue levels in industrial waste waters and their removal using photocatalysis; Dr. Anne Morrissey, Dr. Michael Oelgemoeller. Report

PP18 Use of pulsed partial discharges in bubbled water for disinfection of aqueous media; Prof. Kurt Becker, Prof. Abraham Belkind. Report

PP19 Removal of heavy metals from storm water runoff using TiO2 filters; Dr. Washington Braida, Dr. Xiaoguang Meng. Report

PP20 Development of surface-enhanced raman scattering sensors for rapid analysis of trace chemicals in water; Dr. Xiaoguang Meng, Dr. Christos Christodoulatos, Dr. Henry Du, Dr. Svetlana Sukhishvili. Report

PP21 Modeling transport of viruses in groundwater; Mr. Mahmoud Wazne, Dr. Mohammed Sidhoum. Report

PP22 Polyelectrolytes to enhance metal adsorption by dolomite; Dr. Graham Saunders, Dr. Gavin Walker. Report

PP23 Dendrimers for removal of metal contaminants from wastewater; Dr. Graham Saunders. Report

PP24 Waste minimisation - recovery of metals from industrial filter cake; Dr. Gavin Walker, Dr. Graham Saunders, Dr. Andrew Doherty. Report

PP25 Hydrogen storage coupled to carbon dioxide removal and hydrogen generation by oxygen resistant hydrogenases from aerobic hydrogen bacteria; Prof. Mike Larkin, Dr. Chris Allen, Dr. Leonid Kulakov. Report

PP26 Sustainable groundwater remediation technologies; Dr. Rory Doherty

PP27 Feasibility study of energy production from fermentation wastes; Dr. Elaine Groom

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