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Completed Research Projects

Project Case Studies

List of current projects at QUESTOR: by cluster.

Water and Wastewater; Waste and Remediation; Environmental Monitoring; Energy from Biomass

Water and Wastewater

QUESTOR Project DCU7/09/12 Ross O’Dwyer: Dublin City University.

  • Removal of high priority organic pollutants

QUESTOR Project QUB24/10/13 Ryan Hill: Queen's University Belfast.

  • Green ozone technology for water and wastewater treatment.

QUESTOR Project DCU4/08/11 Nora Engels: Dublin City University.

  • Pesticide removal from drinking water.

QUESTOR Project SIT2/10/13 Zhonghou Xu: Stevens Institute of Technology.

  • Novel Process for Treatment of Nitrate in Wastewater.

QUESTOR Project DCU10/11/14 Monica Epifanio: Dublin City University.

  • Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) for primary wastewater treatment.

ATWARM Project 2.1, Svetlana Gasanova: IWW Water Centre/University of Duisburg-Essen.

  • Novel process for eliminating recalcitrant organic contaminants.

ATWARM Project 2.2 Zahra Gholamvand: Dublin City University.

  • Development of novel processes for organics removal from water & wastewater.              

ATWARM Project 2.3 Darragh Hobbs: Queen's University Belfast.

  • Phosphorus removal & recovery from wastewater.    

ATWARM Project 2.4 Carlo Pozza: University of Duisburg-Essen.

  • Nutrient removal in wastewater.   

ATWARM Project 2.5 Giacomo Bertini: IWW Water Centre/ University of Duisburg-Essen.

  • Prevention and tracking of priority substances in activated sludge.

ATWARM Project 2.7 Yolanda Aguilera: Cranfield University.

  • Anaerobic wastewater treatment.

ATWARM Project 2.8 Beatrice Smyth: Northern Ireland Water.

  • Improving the carbon footprint of water utilities.

ATWARM Project 3.4 Yoann Glocheux: QUESTOR Centre, Queen's University Belfast.

  • Arsenic removal from water using adsorbents.

ATWARM Project 3.6 Cecilia Fenech: Dublin City University.

  • Improved identification and characterisation of nitrate pollution sources.

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Waste and Remediation

QUESTOR Project DCU QUB2 09 12 B Murphy: Dublin City University/ Queen's University Belfast.

  • Tracking the fate of contaminants in the environment.

QUESTOR Project SIT4/10/13 Aspasia Kalomoiri: Stevens Institute of Technology.

  • Decision Tool for Assessing Green and Sustainable Soil and Groundwater Clean-up.

ATWARM Project 3.1 Feng Liang: IWW Water Centre/ University of Duisburg-Essen.

  • Fast on-site monitoring of gasoline-related compounds at contaminated sites.

ATWARM Project 3.2 Alessandra Frau: Queen's University Belfast.

  • Development of rapid technologies for the assessment of biodegradation potential in contaminated groundwater using gene array technologies.   

ATWARM Project 3.3 Vasilious Samaras: TE Laboratories, Repbulic of Ireland.

  • To further develop and improve existing Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) methods which can be validated to ISO17025 with improved detection limits in the range C9-C40.

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Environmental Monitoring

QUESTOR Project DCU5 08 11 Imogene Blignaut: Dublin City University.

  • Detection of petroleum leaks in pipelines.

QUESTOR Project DCU8/10/13 Dian Zhang: Dublin City University.

  • Early warning sensing networks using digital imagery and surrogate sensor measurements (ImageSense).

QUESTOR Project DCU9/11/14 Deirdre Cogan: Dublin City University.

  • Next Generation Autonomous Chemical Sensors for Environmental Monitoring

ATWARM Project 3.5 Ciprian Briciu: Dublin City University.

  • Long-term deployment of a faecal matter sensor in a marine & freshwater environment.

ATWARM Project 3.7 Bartosz Ziólkowski: Dublin City University.

  • Next generation autonomous analytical platforms for remote environmental monitoring. Project 1: Microfluidic platforms incorporating stimulus-responsive materials for Water Quality.

ATWARM Project 3.8 Monika Czugala: Dublin City University.

  • Next generation autonomous analytical platforms for remote environmental monitoring. Project 2: Generation of fully functioning biomimetic analytical platforms for Water Quality.

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Energy from Biomass

QUESTOR Project CRA1/09/12 Robert Ferguson: Cranfield University.

  • Improving methane production and process stability in Anaerobic Digestion.

QUESTOR Project QUB14/08/09 Elaine Groom, Ciarán Prunty: Queen's University Belfast.

  • Feasibility study of energy production from fermentation wastes.

QUESTOR Project QUB25/11/14 Prasanna Pentlavalli: Queen's University Belfast.

  • New Solutions for Second Generation Biofuel Production

ATWARM Project 2 6 Francesco Ometto: Cranfield University.

  • Biogas production from algal biomass.

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